We want to be the preferred Financial Mentors to Medical Specialists offering specialised Practice Management Solutions.


Rhythm Financial Mentors is a local Bloemfontein establishment in operation since 1996, we offer a complete and specialized Practice Management Service for medical specialists, allowing them to focus on providing quality professional services, while we manage the different facets of their practice towards ultimate fulfillment

Our clients are from all over South Africa and we visit them regularly

Our commitment to the care of our clients and their practices is strongly reflected in the loyalty they show us - some client relationships we have maintained for over 20 years.

What is Rhythm?

  • Strong and regular, repeated pattern
  • Systematic arrangement & measured flow
  • A harmonious sequence or correlation of colours or elements
  • Constant progress
Syncopation: Has been described as one of the most important building blocks of dynamic rhythms.
Is where, when and how much attention I given to any beat within music
Capital Syncopation: Is the act of drawing attention to important matters or opportunities that determines the Rhythm of each client according to their needs and portfolio
Determining when to, take the leap, or when to stay put

At Rhythm Financial Mentors we adapt to the client's LIFE-RHYTHM through Capital Syncopation

Why Rhythm:

Countrywide footprint
We will help you establish your practice anywhere in South Africa.

Personal contact
We believe personal contact is crucial to form a trust relationship. We endeavour to meet personally with our customers on a six weekly basis.

Tailored plan for path towards fulfillment
We will assess your current financial position to have a starting point. We then do a budget for yourself and your practice to ascertain the free cash flow available for investment. From there we will draft a long term financial plan that will enable you to achieve your financial goals.

22 years’ experience in Medical Practice Management
Our firm has focused on delivering financial peace of mind to medical practices since 1996, allowing them to focus on providing quality professional services, while we manage the cash flow of the business towards ultimate wealth creation.

We have a Medical Bureau Service that attend to practice billing and collection. Our Practice Management Service offers setting up of practices and monthly reporting and support. Our Accounting Service handles all the Financial Statements as well as statutory returns for Income Tax as well as Employees.

Access to various resources
We also provide services for malpractice insurance, short-term insurance, risk, investments and property development.

Towards Fulfillment

Rhythm Financial Mentors forms part of The Third Age Group an investment house that offers wide-ranging financial, investment and development services tailored to suit your individual journey towards your third age, and positioning you for when it matters most.

The third age of life is a life stage where fulfillment is the goal, a period where new opportunities are created and explored. It is that stage in a person’s life and career where traditional goals have been met, allowing them the freedom to investigate other possibilities.


Our leadership team brings a wealth of industry experience and expertise to the business We are dedicated to providing impeccable service to all our clients.

Our Mission

To provide excellent Financial Management Services to medical specialists with whom we can build caring relationships through trust, over time.
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