Practice Billing

Our team is able to assist in the effective structuring of a practice which involves the arranging of finance for working capital and obtaining finance for the purchasing of assets.

Our services include setting up a new practice and ensuring all the requirements are met, such as:

We handle the following:

  • Obtaining a practice number
  • Registering with regulating bodies
  • Registering with all medical aid schemes
  • Assisting with staff employment
  • Obtainig medical equipment
  • Drafting a budget for the practice in accordance with our years of experience and data pool information of different specialities
  • Monthly monitoring and management reporting of performance against budget and the implementing of corrective action
  • Monthly monitoring cash flow of the practice and reporting on debtors
  • Regular consultations and availability
  • Drafting a long-term financial plan
  • Identify investment oppurtunities and manage those investments
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